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      Guizhou Newrichen Agriculture Development Co., Ltd is a privately-owned manufacturer, which special in tea plantations, processing and exporting . we have over 500h tea garden and it is EU standard tea garden in local Wuchuan country in Guizhou province.

      We can supply O-Chuan Tea, Green tea and Blended tea as like Blackberry leaves Green tea, Mountain mix Green tea, Thyme Green tea etc. All green tea are from in ecologically pure mountain regions west of China at more than 1200m above sea level. And other raw material are from in ecologically pure mountain regions of the Caucasus area at more than 1700m above Sea level.All processed in a traditional way from the excellent ecological environment.






      Jieguanping Village,Duru Town,Wuchuan Gelao clan and Miao clan autonomous county,Zunyi city,Guizhou Province



      QQ: 1264556683




       Wechat: newrichen